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With generations of experience, customers can rely on McPherson Cleaners to get the job done right. Our dedication and enthusiasm for this profession shows in the work we provide. Stop by any one of our two locations in Burlington or Chapel Hill to experience the McPherson Cleaners’ difference.


Dry Cleaning

McPherson Cleaners has been providing quality dry cleaning services to Burlington and Alamance County for over seventy years. Recently we have expanded our operations to include Chapel Hill. We look forward to providing the residents with top dry cleaning and laundering services for many years. Our expert staff and their commitment to excellence will prove McPherson Cleaners is your best choice for all your dry cleaning needs at affordable prices. We pledge to never sacrifice the quality of our workmanship in order to cut costs because McPherson Cleaners’ ability to stand behind our work is what has enabled us to thrive for generations.

The Dry-Cleaning Process

Dry cleaning can best be summed up as a cleaning process for garments and textiles. An educated spotter uses cleaning agents in the dry cleaning machine to remove stains and other spots you need taken care of. Many types of clothing will benefit from this process including wedding gowns, suits, sweaters and formal wear. Another benefit of dry cleaning is the avoidance of the rough tumble of a washing machine and clothes dryer as well eliminating labor-intensive hand washing.

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