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Shirt Cleaning and Laundry

McPherson Cleaners Shirt Cleaning and Laundry Services

Cleaning & Pressing

One of the staple services any dry cleaner can offer is quality dress shirt cleaning and pressing. Most customers will use this service as a barometer to determine the quality of the dry cleaner. McPherson Cleaners’ shirt laundering has been voted “Top Quality” by our customers and you will notice the difference. Our expert staff has over 70 years of experience in the dry cleaning industry and is adept at providing customers with perfectly pressed and cleaned dressed shirts. We thoroughly inspect every shirt upon check-in and once again upon check out to verify there are no missing buttons, the shirt has the proper amount of starch, and whether it is hanged or folded. It is that level of service that has earned McPherson Cleaners the reputation of being the best at laundering shirts in the area. 

Laundry Services

At McPherson Cleaners, we can clean it all. From daily laundry to your king size bedding, there’s nothing we can’t handle. Our laundry services have been trusted in the Alamance and Orange County for 70 years, and we’ve earned awards from numerous organizations. Our expert staff and their commitment to excellence will prove McPherson Cleaners is your best choice for all your cleaning needs at affordable prices. We pledge to never sacrifice the quality of our workmanship in order to cut costs because McPherson Cleaners’ ability to stand behind our work is what has enabled us to thrive for generations.

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