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One of the most important aspects of any dry cleaner is its ability to restore clothing and textiles after having been damaged by smoke, water, or mold. McPherson Cleaners’ restoration dry cleaning service is backed by over seventy years of experience in the necessary steps needed to return your garments and textiles to a "like new" condition. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen but rest assured the experts at McPherson Cleaners have the skills to restore your items.


We are here to help!

Sometimes unexpected things happen to our clothes. Whether they have been damaged by mold, smoke, or water, we are here to help. At McPherson Cleaners, we have the ability to restore clothing and textiles to as close to their original state as possible, depending on the damage. Our restoration dry cleaning service is backed by over 70 years of experience and the high-end equipment necessary to return your garments to a like-new condition. Our ozone room allows us to remove smoke odor from your clothing. 

Restoration That's Right For You

We handle restoration with a collaborative approach, working with restoration companies and insurance companies to create a plan in this time of need with fair and reasonable pricing. We will store your clothes until you are ready to pick them up, or deliver them to your door. This added convenience ensures our customers receive the highest quality restoration service.

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