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Keeping your drapes and curtains cleaned and pressed is a daunting task for any homeowner. Fortunately, McPherson Cleaners offers customers a convenient take-down and re-hang service that will professionally clean and re-install your window treatments. We are one of the only dry cleaners in Burlington or Chapel Hill that offers this service and we take pride in making sure our customers receive the best. Our professional staff has extensive experience cleaning and pressing curtains and drapes to restore them to their original glory.

Why should I clean my curtains and drapes?

Often we overlook the necessity of cleaning our window treatments. Lost in the daily routine of our lives and general housekeeping, our curtains and drapes collect dust and debris which will embed itself into the fibers of the fabric. This debris can house harmful allergens, dust mites, and other unwanted materials that are harmful to our health. This is why it is very important to have our window treatments cleaned regularly.

Pleated Fabric

Our take-down and Re-hang process 

For the average homeowner, the process of taking down, cleaning, pressing, and rehanging their window treatments is a daunting task. McPherson Cleaners’ take-down and re-hang service removes all the work and will professionally clean and press your window treatments for you. Upon arrival, a courteous staff member will carefully inspect and take down your curtains or drapes and deliver them to the nearest location. Once at our shop, your window treatments will be thoroughly cleaned and pressed by an expert member of our staff. Afterward, they will be inspected for quality assurance and an appointment will be made to schedule the delivery and rehanging process. This service takes all the headaches and worries out of keeping your home’s curtains and drapes looking new. Contact McPherson Cleaners to get started today!

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